l2netmgr - Lineage 2 Network Manager


l2netmgr is a GM tool to aid in administration of the official game servers. Some of the server components provide a mechanism of interacting with them directly, without having to login a character. l2netmgr connects to these components using this method and abstracts the details for the GM by providing simple commands to a telnet client. Supported server components are AuthD and CacheD.

Multiple administrators can connect at the same time through a variety of clients. Windows and Solaris telnet clients have been tested, as well as PuTTY in telnet and raw mode. Access is brokered through the use of a single password.

Supported Platforms

The source is quite portable, and has been compiled and tested on Windows, Solaris, and Linux. The Windows port also includes a GUI which can minimize to the system tray. Packaged binaries are available for all three platforms.


Please see our SourceForge release page.

Additional Information

The command definition files bundled with the current releases is an incomplete development version. The final working copies were lost, but are in the process of being recovered.

Please view ReadMe.txt for more information.